Best Place to Start Your Career

 Why is P&G the best place to start your career?


Meaningful Work from Day 1

At P&G, our interns & new hires work on challenging projects that have a direct impact on the business. By working on your projects with numerous stakeholders, you will be accelerating your professional capability like never before. If you are someone who enjoys taking professional challenges and growing your capability quickly, P&G is the right place for you to ignite your potential.


Respectful & Empowering Work Environment

Based on our core belief that people perform at their best in an environment of respect, trust, and inclusiveness, we strive to keep a respectful & empowering culture alive at our workplace. Even as a newcomer to P&G, senior management will not only respect you, but also be very interested to hear your fresh perspectives on direction & strategy, and reflect them in our real business if it makes sense. If you want to join an organization that respects you & your ideas rather than your age or position, join P&G.


International Environment & Career Development

Every day, you will work with and learn from exceptional, passionate people around the world. You will learn how to influence & push forward the business with international stakeholders & coworkers. You can learn the world-best success stories in this business, and one day you will be developing and sharing your own success stories to other P&G people. Furthermore, as you develop your career in the company, you will move on to exciting, global assignment opportunities. This type of global learning & career development environment will allow you to grow & be competitive as an exceptional leader, recognized by the global talent market.