Benefit & Work-Life Balance


P&G’s vision is to touch and improve the lives of P&G employees by enabling them to be the healthiest, most engaged people in the world.

P&G believes that the future success of the company hinges on its ability to maintain a healthy and productive workforce, which supports the build-from-within strategy. Creating a corporate culture that supports health and wellness is key to the long-term success of employees and the company.



Flexible, Empowering Work Environment

P&G empowers employees by providing flexible work environment.


Flexible Working Hours

Employees can choose their start/stop working times. They can come from 8:00 am to 10:00 am, and flexibly go home from 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm.


Work From Home

P&G enables employees to work from home once a week, providing flexibility to their location and work schedule.


Annual Leave & Refresh Leave

P&G encourages all employees to use-up their annual leave. P&G also offers 2 days of refresh leave on top of annual leave, to create the culture of refreshment.


Maternity Leave

Most of married women employees used, or are using maternity leave. P&G provides up to 15 months of maternity leave.



Vibrant Living Programs to support Employee’s health

P&G offers various Vibrant Living programs to support health of employees. Recently we started “Walkathon Program” and provided Smart Band to all employees, cultivating the culture of walking & health. This is only one part of Vibrant Living Programs, and there are much more programs including:

  • Annual medical check-up & 1:1 consultation with doctor
  • Ergonomics program
  • WorkLife Solution
  • National Pension & 4 social insurances